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What does Kholaya stand for?

Kholaya is an Indian term and stands for “my friend”. And just this designation hits the nail pretty much on the head. Our dogs belong to our family and grow up in the middle of it. This requires a lot of physical closeness but also a lot of loving consequence. With all the love for the animal, it is still very important to us that the dog is finally a dog. Here is our first advice for those who want a small Japanese Spitz puppy. All he wants is you treat him as a dog. Consequence is the success for a good relationship with your little bandit.

What kind of dogs do we breed?

A Kholayas Japanese Spitz is a dog that brings some potential with it. We pay attention to the genetics and health of our dogs and litters are well considered. Unnecessary hereditary diseases should be excluded at best for all parents and grandparents.

A Kholaya is perfect as a family dog.
The fact that we carry out everything that is medically possible means that you get a dog that is as healthy as possible.

Of course, the Kholayas are just like all Japanese Spitz suitable for dog sports. Please only pay attention to the age of the dog. Our four-legged friends should be fully grown before big jumps are on the agenda. However, nose work and much more is possible with our Japanese Spitz.

For those who would like to visit a dog show, a Kholaya should be well suited. All our dogs are show tested and enjoy the show business. Our dogs are proud animals and radiate this in the “ring”. Here, of course, the owner and master should also have a corresponding charisma. After all, dogs always reflect the energy and charisma from the other end of the leash.